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“ Texspec has been consistently a reliable supplier for all our textile needs. Their prices are reasonable, and the staff are knowledgeable and friendly. It’s always a pleasure dealing with Daryll and the Texspec team. ”​

Clinton Boucher

Owner of Seaquel Wetsuits

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You want a trusted supplier

We’ve been supplying textile products and threads to over a hundred companies based in New Zealand and other parts of the world since 1994. We love helping our customers, and we’d love to help you too.

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Our products are sourced and curated from the finest manufacturers and producers in the world. We stand by the quality of our products because you deserve the best.

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Our vast product inventory and our long-standing relationship with our producers enable us to get the possible cost. The savings we get are passed on to you.

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For apparel manufacturers who make outdoor wear, hunting and fishing gear, workwear, military gear, costumes and other general apparel.

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Kevlar Armor
Neoprene Wetsuit


For use in medical equipment, sports equipment, curtain manufacturing, wetsuit manufacturing, specialty neoprene manufacturing, industrial laundry and other industrial use.

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For signwriters, banner manufacturers, large scale printers, outdoor graphics manufacturer, upholsterer, furniture manufacturers and other commercial businesses.

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Advertising Display
Car Seat


For automotive trimmers, seat cover manufacturers, RV fitters and other automotive businesses.

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For boat makers, marine trimmers, refit specialists, lifejacket manufacturers, specialist upholsterers and other maritime businesses.

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Hutchwilco Lifevest - Materials Supplied by Texspec NZ